Penance Journal, Page One

Sorry about all that, Tyr

Sometimes, a great man can backslide a bit. And it appears, though I'd never admit it to my erstwhile team of do-gooders because they look up to me so much, that I am one of those great men.  But if I am to realize my destiny to become a great knight (the best knight?) for the Holy Order of Samular, I must accept responsibility for my failings and beg the great and wise Tyr for forgiveness. 

Even though most of this wasn't my fault. 

We took on a mission that seemed quite wholesome: seeking the missing associates of a Mr. Slahoot. The first turned up dead, a fellow named Dungarth. Upon the insistence of my team, I reluctantly agreed to lie and pretend to be this Dungarth. I know that was not very Tyr-like. However, that did lead us to discover the dead body of the second associate, Sutha, and hints of a terrible conspiracy (serpent tattoos, a lot of expensive gems). So perhaps those things balance the scales! But it did whet my appetite for spinning yarns, which unfortunately I am incredible at doing. My bad habits were returning; it was wrong of me to try so hard to help my team.

A meeting at the Flaming Lizard led us to follow a man who appeared to know a thing or two about the missing third associate, a Dragon-type-person named Nissa. We made our way into an underground fighting pit, where this Nissa was made to do battle with a terrible beast. Before that, though, I told many lies as I made friends with Korin, an elf seeking investment opportunities. Now, this contact may bear fruit in a future quest for justice, so perhaps these things balance the scales! But even though that was a noble end, and we were able to save the Dragonborn due largely to my courage, I can accept that I should not have lied. 

Unfortunately, I had become so comfortable being the Otto of my younger days that I told a lie that had no balancing justice: I told our client that the gold he provided us for expenses had been spent. I kept his money on false pretenses, meaning this could be considered theft as well. That is not the kind of example I should be setting for my impressionable team. 

For this, I must do real penance. O just and mangled Tyr, I await your sign for how I can right this wrong. In the meantime, I shall redouble my efforts to walk the path of justice, and I will ensure my team does the same, for I know that I am destined to be more than their leader: I am destined to be their conscience, as well. 

Onward, to victory and glory! For justice! Huzzah!


faletti faletti

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