Abdel Adrian


Abdel Adrian is a human, but is 7’ tall, and massively strong. He looks to be in his sixties but is in fact over 150 years old.


Abdel Adrian is the most beloved citizen in Baldur’s Gate. A hero who saved the city over a hundred years ago, one of the four Dukes of Baldur’s Gate, and a recently-returned hero of the Great War with Thay, he dies unexpectedly while giving a speech during the annual Moonfeast celebration.

Adrian was clearly traumatized by something during the Great War, and had vowed to make Baldur’s Gate a fairer, more equitable and democratic City-State just prior to his transformation into a horrible monster.

His death has left his council seat open. He has a granddaughter, Tura, and was close friends with Coran.

Abdel Adrian

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