Amor de Cosmos

I'm *your* tiefling


A slightly built young tiefling of medium height with sparkling brown eyes and smooth light-brown skin. Age 19.


Amor comes from a poor but loving tiefling family in Neverwinter. His parents pin their hopes on their only child. His father carts the dead and his mother sells pastries door-to-door out of a large wicker basket. Amor apprenticed to his father and cherished hopes of bringing the family business into the modern age.

Amor is a wheeler-dealer who’s always chasing the next big score. He wants to make good and impress his parents, particularly his sainted mother.

Amor has some legitimate business interests and some out-and-out scams. He bills himself as a go-between, bridging the cultural chasm between tieflings and the human-elvish-dawarvish business community. He’s a self-taught lawyer. He once worked as an office boy and “borrowed” several law books. It’s not clear which legal systems these books discuss, but Amor has memorized them all and cobbled them into his own theory of the magical and mundane Laws of Faerûn. Since few others know the law, his pronouncements are rarely challenged.

Amor specializes in contracts, both earthly and infernal. He likes to hold court in the back room of a local tavern, which he calls his “office.” The barmaids play along because he’s handsome and his courtly manners are a step up from the rest of the clientele. Plus, when he has money, he spreads it around. If he’s flush, Amor thinks nothing of tipping a gold piece for a round of ale.

Amor’s willing to do anything to close a deal. His friends still tease him about the time he filed down his horns to pass as a middle-aged human businessman.

If Amor’s really broke, he’s not above picking a pocket, but it hasn’t come to that lately.

He’s a young tiefling on the rise. He dresses the part to the extent he can afford. He loves colored silks and glittery pinky rings.

Amor had to leave Neverwinter quickly. If you ask him whether he’s on the run, he will flatly deny it, but if pressed, he will acknowledge that he made a decisive break to pursue other opportunities.

Several months ago, a throng of undead dragonborn rampaged through the streets of Neverwinter. Amor’s name turned up in a local necromancer’s notebook, the necromancer having been burnt to a crisp by breath weapons. The ledger read: “Amor de Cosmos, 10 Dragonborn Corpses, 20 gold pieces.” Amor will tell you that this proves nothing. Nothing.

Amor de Cosmos

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