Ashryn Durothil

Sun elf, A+ wizarding student, trying to cope with her new life on the Sword Coast


I’m an extremely intelligent, if a bit naive and romantic. Like most sun elves, I’m proficient in most weapons, though I mostly use my shortbow in combat, if I’m not using magic.

My education has led me to be skeptical of rules, but fond of diplomatic solutions. I want to hear everyone’s side of an argument before I make decisions.

My main duty right now is to the library of Evermeet. I’m collecting and sending back cultural observations. The library is ancient and vast, and I can access it at various times from urban locations.

I’m a little lonely and particularly miss the sea of bold and noble warrior men of Evermeet. The bed’s a little cold these days for poor Ashryn.


I am a young sun elf, a mere 100 years old, from House Durothil, the oldest of the sun elf families. Our family stretches back thousands of years and has a long tradition of great warriors and wizards.

Mine is not the main line of the family, but a cadet branch. Our sigil is three-headed gold dragon, to signify our house motto: Service, Scholarship, Serenity.


I grew up in the great city of Leuthilspar in the elven island of Evermeet, where the streets are paved with diamonds. My family’s estate is built in the trees.


I’m a recent graduate of the wizarding university of Evermeet, and came second in my class to Alurath Loreweaver, who I have a strong rivalry with. My mentor, Oloster Dawntracker (who is entirely left-brained and has few social graces), decided that being salutatorian means I should go join his old friend Wylven Grumpkins, both to sharpen my real world wizarding skills and to report back to the folks at Evermeet on the subject of how the mainlanders live.

For, you see, our society has been closed off from the rest of the world for centuries now and we are only now considering returning to a more open society. Which means that, while I hold no ill will towards the world outside of my elven society, I’m really ignorant about it. Until I came to the Sword Coast, I had never met any non-elves. I hadn’t even really spent time around wood elves or half-elves.

A lot of concepts that seem normal to everyday people of Faerun are strange to me, like poverty or having to work for a living. So I come across as snobby and pretentious, but I mean well and have a good heart.

I’m a great lover of music and the arts and can play the flute beautifully, though most of my music sounds progressive and intricate compared to the straightforward folk songs that most people like.

It was very important to my family and my mentor that I fit in, so I was dropped off without much money or any fancy weapons. I have nice clothes and a flute that is so well-made that many people would deem it priceless, but am light on cash or anything to bargain with.

Ashryn Durothil

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