Otto Arundel

I know! Impressive, right?


A former troublemaker trying to walk a more responsible path. A knee-buckling charmer unless you show disrespect. The kind of reckless optimist that only comes from money. Sometimes prefers an easy way out because people this good-looking usually get one.

Loves his Arundel family greataxe, which he has nicknamed Arabelle, and is pretty godsdamn upset about that fucking song.


The third son of the Waterdeep noble family the Arundels, Otto’s career choice was between some kind of priesthood or some kind of knighthood. He got into all kinds of trouble as a kid, including trips to Skullport when he was feeling especially mischievous, but opted for the knighthood because, hey, battle brings glory and women, right? Had a brutal first year of training with the Knights of Samular, and was staring at a real crossroads. For the first time in his life, he decided to apply himself, and to everyone’s surprise, he did well enough to be selected as a squire in battle.

That first battle was a big one – mind flayers were attacking Waterdeep! Otto saw the opportunity to strike at one and did, but before he could hit, he was banished. One minute later, he appeared in Baldur’s Gate. A couple hundred years later.

Uh oh.

Otto Arundel

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