Humans lack moral clarity

It is shocking how easily they are deceived

Dearest Oloster,

Our first mission with the Grumpkins Hero Agency was awful, but also quite revealing of the moral limitations of human beings. We came to this small village of Skalkwood, which was trying to rebuild itself after being torn apart by war. But alas, they had resorted to the worst of all ways to rebuild themselves! In their weak desire to have more children at a faster pace, they allowed a hag to bamboozle them into handing over babies for sacrifice. 

The hag, who had naturally disguised herself as a normal human woman, convinced these small-minded folk that handing babies over to be murdered would somehow save the lives of other infants. I'm half convinced that she had cursed their village in the first place, causing high infant mortality and infertility. (You should send me the statistics regarding the normal rates of such things for humans. I knew it was a problem, in an abstract way, but this is the first time I'd dealt with it directly.) If so, that makes this tale all the darker, for she was selling them a "cure" for a problem she was causing herself. 

Either way, we unmasked the hag and exposed the conspiracy of baby-murder. But the grief upon these people when they fully considered what they had done was a sight to behold. I forgave them immediately. Their lives are mean enough, and I see no value in adding further inhumane punishments.  The unnecessary loss of their babies was clearly punishment enough. 

Alas, the primitive system of justice here is such that there was fear that the entire village would be hanged if the local baron was to find out what they have done. (I see now the wisdom of our ancestors abandoning the rigid lawfulness that so many humans subscribe to, a value system that puts rules above deeper values like forgiveness and empathy.) So we allowed the humans to burn the village to the ground and disappear into the night. Their time on earth is brief. I see no purpose in making it unnaturally briefer. 

I do worry that people who are capable of making such poor decisions might not cope well with exposure to our superior morality. However, they are clearly in such need of our wisdom, that I continue to believe it's worth the risk.


Uh… my friends, did anyone notice what happened to Small Robin after our… encounter with the hag and her, ah, skeletal army? Do we know… whether he… escaped? Do we know… whether anyone is looking after him?

Humans lack moral clarity
faletti AmandaMarcotte

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