My shoes are ruined

And my hair is not looking so great

Dearest Oloster,

Well, I can't say you didn't warn me that this would be hard. As much as I tried to mentally prepare myself for how rough, dirty and uncouth the underdeveloped world can be, the Sword Coast has exceeded my already low expectations. Everything here is covered in a layer of filth, especially in the cities. People dump chamber pots — unlike Evermeet, they have not developed indoor plumbing here — directly onto the street. Horses evacuate carelessly and no one seems compelled to pick it up, much less use even the most casual charm to dissipate all the dung. Even if you watch where you are stepping, which I quickly learned to do, it's nearly impossible to avoid all the filth. 

So my embroidered shoes are ruined. I threw them away and bought a common pair of boots, a choice which amused my companions.

Thankfully, Grumpkins has sent us on our first mission, out into the forest, where the air is much fresher. 

Not everything is terrible, however. The people of the Sword Coast are a diverse and merry folk, if primitive. In the most important aspects, they are much like us. They enjoy food and drink and music, even if they prefer simplistic rhythms and melodies and disdain the more intricate music of our people. I must confess, however, that I am beginning to like many of their songs. One song, "The Cowardly Squire", is especially catchy. 

I've met all manner of people here, of the sorts I've only read about before in books: Gnomes, half-elves, halflings, even a tiefling! Our group also has a wood elf, though he's unlike most who'd traveled on business to Evermeet, rougher around the edges. It's very strange. 

And then there's humans. They are everywhere! They are so tall and hairy and frankly, most of them really don't smell so great. But so far, most of them seem kind-hearted and well-meaning. 

One of the humans in our group, however, seems a bit different. He's a knight from a noble family who bathes every day, eats with a knife and fork, and pays some mind of how he presents to others. His courage and charm remind me of the brave scholar-soldiers of Evermeet, though perhaps he would do well to crack a book open more often. With men like him around, you get a sense that these people could, with some help, really develop a proper civilization. 

I have much to learn, but right now, my sense is that opening Evermeet up to this world would beneficial, especially as their lives would be so improved by learning more about how the civilized world functions. I am currently inclined to believe they are ready for us, though obviously, this topic will require a lot more study. 


You have a lovely vibrato on flute, my dear Ashryn, but if I may… might I suggest using it a bit more — judiciously? The people here find vibrato on every note… excessive. Also your ornamentation is technically very, very impressive — I can tell you have worked diligently on your trills and tremolos! But perhaps you could try hewing just a little bit closer to the melody? Finally, your tone is so clean and so pure, but in these lands, it is customary to add a little breathiness, like so… and to, at the appropriate time, distort the sound by adding a growl in the back of your throat, like so… wait, where are you going?

My shoes are ruined
faletti AmandaMarcotte

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